You may want to print these directions as a guide before moving to the next step

Before you begin, you will need the First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Gender, and T-shirt size for each person you are registering.
1. Start by clicking the button that says “Register Now” at the top of the page.
2. Decide whether you want to participate Solo (if you do not want to run 50 miles, do not choose this category) or with a team.
NOTE: If you choose Solo registration, the rest of the process is simple. Continue to fill out the registration form and submit your payment! Steps 3-10 apply only to teams.
3. The Team Captain must register the entire team.
4. Determine how many people you will have on your team. If you’re a team of two, select “Create a 2 Person Team”. If your team falls in the 3 to 5 person range, select “Create a Ultra Team (up to 5 runners)”. If your team falls in the 6 to 10 person range, select “Create a Regular Team (up to 10 runners)”.
5. Complete the Team Information section and hit “Continue”.
6. Fill out Participant Information for team member #1 (order does not matter). Hit “Continue”.
7. Click “Add A Member” to add team member #2.
Repeat steps 6 & 7 until every team member is listed on the Team Manager page.
8. After filling out the participant information for each team member, select “Checkout” on the Team Manager” page (NOTE: You do not need to add all team members in the same session but you  will not be able to checkout until you reach the minimum team size for the category you selected.)
9. Enter Credit Card information and click “Review Payment”.
10. If everything looks good, click “Process My Payment.”

Each team will be able to make changes (if necessary) after they have registered. Changes may include: adding/subtracting a team member, changing your team, changing your packet pick-up location, etc. Please follow these steps to make those changes.
1. Click the “Register Now” button at the top of the screen.
2. Click “Manage Your Existing Team”
3. Login using the e-mail and password you created when you set up your account.
4. Make any necessary changes.To edit team information (Team Name, Team Captain’s Name, Packet Pick-up Location, etc.) click the “Edit Team Info” link listed next to your team name.
To add somebody to your team, click “Add A Member”.
To remove somebody from your team, click the “Delete” button listed next to his or her name.
To edit a team member’s information, click the “Edit” button listed next to his or her name.Click here to confirm your registration and see who else is registered!

Early Registration pricing goes through October 20th. Late Registration pricing begins October 21st.
Solo: $100 Early Registration, $125 Late Registration
2 Person Teams: $150 Early Registration, $170 Late Registration
Ultra Teams (3 to 5 runners): $250 Early Registration, $300 Late Registration
Regular Teams (6 to 10 runners): $450 Early Registration, $500 Late Registration
Entry fee includes (for each participant): participation in the Bison 50 Relay! -a life-changing experience, official Bison 50 tech shirt, post-race dinner, two beers (non-alcoholic beverages will be available), free race photos, and more! Click here to confirm your registration and see who else is registered!